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Monday, January 29, 2007

Mama's Excuses

This article by Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy caused me to chuckle. In light of my recent post about the three year old menace that was quite appropriately thrown off the plane in Florida with her parents, I just had to share it! I might mention that the article is written from the perspective of an inept parent making excuses for her little darling. Just imagine the parents that were thrown off the plane as they are being interviewed by national media. Here is an excerpt...

"Oh honey, don’t hit. It hurts mama's heart to see you hit someone. I am so sorry, he hit your Johnny. He thinks it’s unfair that Johnny gets the best toys. At MY house I try to let the youngest visiting children have the best toys, but I guess YOU do not have that rule-the golden rule, you know. Yes, I know I did not do it last time you were there, because my boy was just too young to understand, but I have decided to do it from now on. Anyway, he is so young he can't understand why Johnny's toys are not his. He is not capable of understand sharing, yet. He is too young. He gets so stressed, not mad, just stressed when he thinks the other child unfairly has the best toys. He has such a high sense of right and wrong. I really hate to explain to him about the toys being Johnny's, because he gets so depressed when he realizes that he is wrong and has to give up his toy. I know it is just a stage he is going through."

Here is the article in its entirety. Enjoy!


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