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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Of circuses and celebrations!

We've embarked upon a very special few days... a week really. Hannah Banana turns 7 years old on Sunday! As tends to be the tradition in our family, birthdays do not merely last one simple day. They last more along the lines of a week! Hannah Banana's birthday is turning out to be no exception!

To start her birthday festivities, Nana blessed all the children with a trip to the circus! The circus often times is a birthday treat for Miss Hannah because it always comes to town during the week of her birthday. So, on a rather chilly but sunny morning, the children and Nana all set out for a fun filled day at the circus!

One of our circus traditions is to walk along the tall... well, it's very tall when you're five years old!... wall leading into the circus. Lots of fun!

This elephant is painting a picture. This takes place during that fun filled hour before the circus when you can go down to the floor and meet the clowns, see the animals and be part of the circus! You can register to win the elephant's painting and one year Mr. P won the painting! It's a very special painting!
After all the circus fun, we headed to Build A Bear (another birthday tradition) so that Hannah Banana could have a groundhog. The groundhog is only out for this week - Groundhog Day and all - and he has this cute little t-shirt that has 'Spring' on one side and 'Winter' on the other. Of course, Hannah Banana put the 'Spring' side on his front. That's my girl!

Today we had a lovely Baking Birthday Party! Flibby and Miss Poppins handled everything with the little girls. It was a joy and a delight to have a chance to visit with all our friends and family! With my season of morning sickness slowly coming to an end, I enjoyed rejoining life as I used to know it and catching up on all the happenings with everyone else! Today was a good start! Oh, and Miss Hannah had a great time too!

Here are some highlights...
A magnificent day for a magnificent girl!

Note from Flibby: The pictures are now "clickable" so that you can enlarge them to see the details!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah Banana! We love you very much!
Your friends, the A's from church-- see you tonight!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Milehimama said...

Wow, that cake looks great!
I have the same rollers - off the dollar rack from Target. Don't put them in the dishwasher or let little boys who like to unscrew things play with them!
Mama Says

8:35 AM  
Blogger Southern Belle said...

I saw the aprons from JL yesterday. They were so cute! Glad you had a good time and Happy Birthday Hannah!

Southern Belle

4:01 PM  

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