These are the ramblings of an eclectic and whimsical homeschooling family of eight... a little peek, if you will, inside the daily dawdlings and habits of my active and delightful family seeking to please the Lord in all we do! Hopefully our thoughts, observations, and activities will challenge you, inspire you, tickle you, cheer you, and let you know you are not the only one!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How to tell if your children have been grossly deprived of outdoor play...

How do you tell? I'll answer that for you... little Hannah Banana got a new mattress and box springs last weekend. Hers was quite worn and it was time for a replacement. Mr. P, being quite busy right now with a set, work, firewood splitting to maintain my woodstove habit, and taxes, didn't have a lot of time when he brought in the new mattress so he just put the old mattress and box springs beside Hannah Banana's bed to be removed later. Several hours later we hear squeals of delight. It seems that the ever industrious Karate Kid and Miss Poppins set up the old mattress and box springs in such a way as to make a really fun slide! Now, since Saturday, you cannot find one of my children when you need them. (all except Flibby, of course, who wouldn't find any interest in having her skirt fly up over her head as she zooms down a mattress slide... or any other slide for that matter. No, certainly not!) Dogs are going unfed, floors unswept, laundry undone... and why are these things happening, you ask? It's the now infamous mattress slide. This is sort of akin to the empty refrigerator box in terms of playability and the amount of hours one's children can occupy themselves. Quite amazing, actually.

Last night, they all piled downstairs to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. You see, Mr. P. went upstairs and realized they were sliding into the closet door with quite a bang. To save the door and the reduce head injuries, he opened the closet door so they now slide into the big walk-in closet! Great fun!!! A whole new element has been added to the mattress slide phenomenon! Hours and hours later when they came downstairs to get ready for bed, they had their sleeves rolled up, their pants and leggings rolled up, no shoes or socks on their feet... and they were sweating! Sweating, I tell you! People... it's February! And, it's NOT warm! Even in the house! I, under my blanket next to the wood stove, was amazed!

Hmmm, do you think my children might be suffering from a little cabin fever? After all, it's been weeks since we've played outside for any length of time. I think it's taking its toll.

In case you are wondering... it's time to start school and all I hear from upstairs is gleeful giggling and repetitive thuds as little bottoms hit the floor of the closet. Great fun! At least its the best fun you can have stuck in the house in the doldrums of late winter... it is late winter, right? I'm happy to report we are actually going to break the 50 degree mark today and tomorrow! Yippee!! There is hope!

Hey, at least we don't live in Minnesota! Now, I'm off to end all the joy and frivolity and bring certain children back to the reality of a school day. It's tough being a killjoy.


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