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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our first attempt at four-part harmony...

This past Christmas, Miss Poppins received two lovely CD's from Vision Forum called, "Songs of the Remnant" and "O Sing a New Psalm" These instructional CD's are designed to teach families four part harmony. Miss Poppins was delighted to receive these (I was delighted as well) and a month or so ago we pulled them out to practice them. Miss Poppins and I, who were already acquainted with singing in harmony learned the soprano and alto part to one of the songs on the "O Sing a New Psalm" CD. We then went in search for some others in our family to sing the tenor and bass. Karate Kid and Hannah Banana were our recruits. Karate Kid was rather unexcited about it at first but was often feeling rather discouraged because the sound of the others caused him to lose his place and forget his melody. Hannah Banana memorized the words and the tune very quickly but, like Karate Kid, couldn't sing with everyone else. Well, after practicing and practicing for weeks, and lots of vocal coaching from Miss Poppins, Karate Kid learned his part well enough to sing it with everyone else! Hannah Banana, (who sings tenor) is very capable of singing with all three of the others as long as she can cover her ears. So finally, here are the children of the Whiskers on Kittens family in our first attempt at four part harmony...

Flibbertigibbet: Soprano

Miss Poppins: Alto

Hannah Banana: Tenor

Karate Kid: Bass (an octave higher than the original)

and last but not least Cindy Lou Who with the "1..2..3.."


Blogger Stonewall said...

BRAVO! Very well done. Look out Von Trapps..
Cindy Lou the "one, twwo, fwee" was perfect. I loved that part..

12:09 PM  
Blogger Southern Belle said...

Wowee! Stand up Praise the Lord and Take a bow! Very well done!

Southern Belle

4:04 PM  

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