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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey guess what?

Did you know that children raised in day care exhibit more disruptive behaviors than those who are not? Nooooo! You're kidding right?

Here is a small portion of this most informative study...

"And you found that kids who never go to day care are the most well-behaved?
Yes, they show the fewest problem behaviors.

How did children with nannies fare?
We saw no relationship between the amount of child care--whether by a nanny, a family member, or a babysitter--to how the child behaved in kindergarten through 6th grade. Interestingly, we also found that staying home with mom was statistically neither an asset nor a detriment in terms of academic outcomes and behaviors.

But your findings say high-quality parenting is an even better predictor of a child’s behavior and academic performance than their child-care setting. What makes parenting high quality?
The degree to which parents enjoy being with children, are responsive and sensitive to children, talk to their children, and expose their children to ideas is the strongest predictor of children’s academic success as well as their behavior at school."

For the remainder of the article... if you can keep from chuckling through it... can be found here. Of course, as usual, these "studies" miss the boat because it matters quite a bit, my dear scholarly professor, whether or not the care giver is the child's parents or whether it is a paid "nanny, family member, or babysitter". Quite a bit, indeed.

But, I'm not one to express my opinion about such things. ~winking and ducking~


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