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Friday, March 23, 2007

I have a problem with that...

Warning... this is going to be a soapbox post.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

In today's local paper there is an article about a mega church "pastor" who has been dethroned due to a "moral and spiritual indiscretion". I'm a little chapped about it. Don't get me wrong... I understand the fallen nature of man and I understand that pastors are not immune to temptation and falling into sin. In fact, I believe they may be more prone to it by nature of their position which will always put them under the attack of Satan. I get it.

Here's what I don't understand. This particular pastor has never been one of my favorites. As a local 'celebrity' I've had the misfortune of listening to him deliver milk toast snazzy one-liners to his public on a few occasions. He did an awful lot to glorify himself and not so much to glorify the Lord. And, you know what? He was and is loved by THOUSANDS!!! In his "confession" (I don't really count it as a confession when you've been exposed in your sin and you have no choice but to address it as opposed to true conviction and turning from your sin which then prompts you to relinquish the post with which you were entrusted as you confess your sin to those you've hurt... but maybe that's just me.) he blames the woman for coming forward as opposed to placing the responsibility for his sin squarely on his own two shoulders. What is wrong with this picture?

A recent article about Joel Osteen's wife causing a 'situation' on a plane when a stewardess apparently didn't clean up a drink to her satisfaction led me to wonder if Mrs. Osteen was living her 'Best Life Now'. It also reminded me of another airline incident with almost the same story... except the spoiled child in the first story was THREE YEARS OLD! Hmmm. She apparently didn't read the part of Scripture which teaches her to die to herself... and her mother must never have taught her to put others needs ahead of her own. A stunning example of the gentle and quiet spirit of the Proverbs 31 woman... NOT!!

I could go on... and on... and on. I won't.

There have been many "pastors" who have created mega-industries as they lead their blind sheep astray. What blasphemy on the name of the Lord Jesus! What forbearance the Lord has in allowing us to continue on... in His own churches... with this mockery! How long will the Lord be mocked? How long will the Lord allow the money changers in His temple? When will we understand the Lord? Because if we understood the Lord, we would be struck with a mighty fear! As a great preacher of the Word said recently, many of today's Christians are practicing idolatry today. They sit in church pews and worship a god of their own imagination... one who looks more like Santa Claus than the Almighty God of Scripture! God is as much just and holy as He is loving. That's the part the ear ticklers like to leave out... because the people love their sin. The "pastors" love their sin. The nation loves its sin.

I tremble before a holy and righteous God at the horror of it all! I hope you do too.


Blogger Southern Belle said...

I am also shocked by it all, but also believe that alot of churches, particularly "megachurches", are 10 miles wide and 2 inches deep.

Southern Belle

6:34 PM  

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