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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Lord's provision!

Today I went to what used to be one of my favorite second hand sales around. It is a group of moms that gathered together and had a big yard sale of all their maternity, baby and children's items. Over the years it has grown to such a huge event that the ladies now rent out an old grocery store space to house the sale! They have it twice a year and today was the first day of the week long spring/summer sale. I haven't been to this sale in a while because they don't have as much for older children and their prices are higher than garage sale prices. But, when you are in desperate need of maternity clothes or you have need for some baby equipment and itty bitty baby clothes... that are soooo adorable, I might add... this sale is the place to be!

I took Flibby with me and she was my shopping cart. As I went through the miles and miles of glorious maternity clothes, I piled Flibby higher and higher! It was a delight!! If you haven't heard me to complain of this before, let me mention that shopping for maternity clothes has been a nightmare. Have you seen what they think expecting mothers want to wear? Actually it must be what expecting mothers OTHER THAN ME want to wear because if no one were buying it, then they wouldn't be stocking it. I went to a clerk in a local maternity store a few months ago and asked her where the '40-year-old-expectant-mother' section was located. She stared at me blankly while continuing to annihilate a piece of chewing gum. It wasn't pretty... the selection or the chewing gum. If you're not a 19 year old rock star with a belly button ring (that you want to show the world!) and a tattoo (which you also want to show to the world), you can't find much in the way of maternity fashions these days. Who decided that seeing a pregnant woman's bare stomach was somehow attractive, decent, and preferred over the old fashioned custom of WEARING CLOTHES??!!

OK, enough of that soapbox! Anyway, today I was in maternity fashion paradise! It was pure bliss! The shirts were long, the dresses were longer, the pants were roomy and they covered up a blooming tummy - as opposed to riding under the tummy which I do not find comfortable at all. There were tops, skirts, capri pants, dresses... even two bathing suits that were quite attractive and fully covering. Paradise, I tell you... pure paradise! Poor Flibby's arms. I think she'll need some time to recover!

But, that was not the best part! There is more! As we finished shopping through the clothes, I decided to take a quick look through the baby beds and other equipment. Saturday the children and I went to a local Babies R Us just to look around see what was new since we haven't been in the 'baby business' around here in the last six years. I found the cradle of my dreams! It is similar to a co-sleeper which I've had before. I loved that my co-sleeper attached to my bed and the baby could sleep right next to me without being in the bed with me. It makes for very peaceful midnight (and 2am and 3am and 4am...) nursing! I didn't want something as big as the co-sleeper this time but I did want something similar. At the store we found this wonderful Simplicity 3 in 1 cradle. It's a cradle that rocks or it's a bassinet on wheels. It has a mobile which plays classical music... an added bonus for me! It has a night light and a huge basket under the bottom for storage. But, best of all... it's like a co-sleeper!!! It has a side that lets down and it attaches to your bed! Outstanding! I had to have it!! I put it on my wish list on Saturday and filed it away in my mind for future reference.

Guess what I found today at the sale? YES!!! A Simplicity 3 in 1 cradle in an even prettier fabric than the one in the store. And, it was $40.00 less than retail price! Yippee!!! It was even more exciting than all the fabulous maternity clothes! Did I mention I found an Easter dress?

The Lord has been so faithful to provide exactly the things I need and even some of the things I want. When I simply trust Him and wait on Him, He often gives me the desires of my heart. Baby Noah Frederick is one answer to such a prayer... and beautiful affordable maternity clothes and an even more beautiful cradle are another answer to a simple prayer uttered in faith knowing the Lord would give us exactly what we needed and what we could afford. He is the Giver of good gifts and I can trust in His provision!

A great shopping extravaganza which was a blessing from the Lord!! All my friends will feel so much better not having to see me in the same two tired outfits, won't you?


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