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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Most Unusual Generation of Young Women

Scott Brown has a wonderful essay on the raising up of a 'most unusual generation of young women' in the church today. He also has a lot of thought provoking things to say about raising up a godly generation of biblical patriarchs in our sons. I encourage you to read it!!

Here is an excerpt:

"There is an unusual generation of godly young ladies in the church today. I believe there have been few marriageable young women like this in the last one hundred years. At least three generations of Americans has never seen anything like this. What has happened to create this situation?

Here are some of their distinctives:

1. They saw the bitter fruit of feminism and began to understand it’s bankruptcy and destructiveness.

2. They “kissed dating goodbye” and decided in their youth that they would abstain from the modern dating debacle.

3. They trusted their fathers encouragement toward them to fulfill the biblical and normative pattern of scripture regarding the roles of women and began to prepare themselves to be wives, helpers and home makers as a life strategy – in contrast to the feminist vision of independent workers outside the home.

4. They rejected the immodest, worldly but common clothing options of their culture and the Lord put it in their hearts to be faithful to God’s commands regarding feminine dress and modesty.

5. They are striving to preserve themselves sexually for their future husbands, instead of test driving numerous partners before marriage.

6. They are spending their time serving the enterprise of the home as assistants in their fathers businesses and assisting their mothers in the teaching and raising of the children in the home.

7. They were told by their parents that if they were faithful and obeyed, they would be blessed.

8. One of the blessings they are anticipating is godly husbands."

I am thrilled and in awe of the generation of young women that the Lord is raising up to be future helpmeets and the mothers of the next generation! I'm especially thankful for two such godly young women in our own family, Flibby and Miss Poppins! They are rare jewels and precious gifts from the Lord!

Along the same line Carmon has posted a terrific article today! Here is a little taste of it...

"Since she is graduating this spring from our homeschool, Gracie has been asked by more than one inquiring mind what she is going to do with her life. Many well-meaning people have assumed such an articulate and talented young lady is going to college. A few have been taken aback when she tells them that she is planning on continuing her studies at home, and that she wants to prepare to be a wife and a mother.

Another young friend was helping serve at a fund-raising event, when an older woman engaged her in conversation and asked her the same question, and received the same response. The woman, who had chosen never to marry so she could pursue a career, was taken aback. She very sternly assured this young girl that she would one day change her mind!...

...I am so happy that Gracie is happy to say it is enough for her, and that she knows that serving God from her home is the highest calling to which she could aspire. She will keep learning, working, and dreaming, and she will embrace with joy the freedom she finds in the life our society considers a lesser choice. It’s funny. If she had said she was going to be a teacher of other people’s children, she would be lauded for her altruism and praised for her choice. Let us not discourage our young ladies from finding fulfillment in the role of wife and mother, a job which most of them eventually will be filling and which they ought to prepare for with at least as much effort as they devote to other pursuits. "

What an encouragement to our young ladies as they take the 'road less traveled' and dedicate themselves to the highest of all callings... that of wife and mother! It's inspiring and encouraging!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But don't forget those of us who do decide to teach today's youth. I am a young mother who finds it difficult to find the balance, but I still enjoy the way I can impact children for the future.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Lady Why said...

I struggled with that very thing as I have a masters in elementary education and dearly love, love, LOVE to teach. But, I realized my first responsiblity was to my own husband and children. That's how the Lord ultimately led us to homeschooling. How could I give my best to others' children and not my own?

Homeschooling and raising my children at home myself has truly been the most tremendous blessing I have ever known. The Lord has been so faithful to us and He has honored our obedience even when it was hard for me to lay down teaching and give it to Him. I really struggled with that at the time. Now, I hestiate to even imagine what a precious gift I would have missed had I not chosen this path.

4:26 PM  

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