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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poor Andy

Yesterday afternoon, as I was going about my household duties, in ran Hannah Banana with her fist tightly closed. She ran up to me and said "[Miss Poppins], will you hand me an empty jar?". Naturally I inquired why. That's when she opened her fist. Inside was a little lizard whom she had named Andy. I moved closer as to inspect the little creature. He was lying on his back with his tiny eyes closed and his even tinier hands crossed on his chest, not breathing. I paused. "[Hannah Banana], what were you playing with Andy?" I asked. "I was playing roller coaster!" she replied. I explained to Hannah Banana about how fragile lizards are and how they don't really like roller coasters. "Oh, okay. I won't play roller coaster any more." Hannah Banana said. "[Hannah Banana], Andy is dead." I finally told her.

I suggested a proper burial. Hannah Banana agreed with a glum face. I grabbed an empty cereal box, some scissors and a roll of tape and constructed a coffin for the little guy while Hannah Banana made a headstone out of a piece of bark. We all headed out to the clubhouse to bury him under our favorite tree. I led the ceremony. Cindy Lou Who, Hannah Banana and I laid flowers on the grave.

We all left the burial site with solemn faces. Spontaneously, as we walked across the yard in silence everyone said in unison "Poor Andy!"

Poor Andy indeed.

~Miss Poppins


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Poppins! you didn't say anything about the music Cindy Lou Who played! that was funny. Daddy told us about it. Hannah Banana drew him a picture about it. I hope Flibby gets better. We've been praying for her!

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Kerri said...

I don't know how well I'll deal with a fistful of dead reptile when it first happens to me, but I'll try to remember your story! :)

Here via CoFL

8:57 PM  

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