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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Last night I dreamt...04/04/07

Last night I dreamt that I was a rich woman walking down the street of a fairytale village. I was following a carriage which held a beautiful princess. This princess was to be wed the very next morning to her dearly beloved prince charming. She was out and about in the town for the first time in a long time (hence the reason I was following) to chose her wedding apparel. But, there was an evil, magic, jester who was also following and was determined to stop the wedding.

Her first stop was the royal shoe store. She picked a pair of pink shoes with glass flowers on the front. In the mean time, the jester magically caused a flood of lava to run straight through the main street of the town. The princess was just about to walk out into the lava when one of her body guards grabbed her and saved her life. The towns people were shaken, but in the end said "Thanks Jester! Now we have that new layer of asphalt we've been needing to cover the gaps in the road!"

Next, the princess's driver drove her to the royal hat store. I was standing in the back pretending to 'try on a red hat' while really listening in on their conversations. The princess finally chose a hat the had a notch in the top so that she could place her crown on top of the hat.
While the princess was busy with hats, the Jester magically broke the legs of the carriage horses. The princess saw what happened, so she called the prince on her cell phone and he came to pick her up.

On the way home, the prince brought the princess to the gown shop and they picked out a wedding gown. Then they took the princess, all of her packages and all of her servants home.

The next morning, the princess got all dressed up in her new clothes. She got in another one of her carriages (she had several), and headed to the wedding. When she got there, the Jester had turned all the food rotten and all the pretty white flowers into dead, black flowers. The princess was furious! The screamed "Jester, if you don't change everything back to the way it was RIGHT NOW, I will throw you into the dungeon of no return!!!!" The very startled jester changed everything back immediately, asphalt and all.

Everyone rejoiced (especially the horses whose legs were now completely restored), and they began the wedding ceremony when suddenly... I woke up!


*It's your turn! Please, share what you dreamt last night in the comment section!*


Blogger Flibbertigibbet said...

Last night I dreamt that some more mourning doves had made a nest outside our computer room window, and Rolo (our cat) was helping them build the nest by bringing them sticks. I went outside and told them that their nest was better than Rose and Walter's because we could see them better. The bird flew and landed on my shoulder and told me that I could hold one of the baby birds when they hatched.

I woke up then, but I think we remained friends with the talking birds.

The weirdest part is that Rolo didn't try to eat them.


1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I randomly dreamt that I was a fat lady who found the Florida and North Dakota quarters thtat I was needing for my state quarters collection.
from-- don't ask, it's embarrassing!

2:50 PM  
Blogger Lady Why said...

Princesses in fairy tales kingdoms riding around in carriages have cell phones? Hmmmmm....

8:17 PM  

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