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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lord, may I never have enough time...

I was inspired by this post on Stacy McDonald's blog about time and how it is spent. I've been reevaluating my time needs recently as you may have guessed from The Better Thing post. I want to choose 'the better thing'. I want to be about the Lord's plan for my day and not my own. I want to whittle away the idle things in my day that keep me from investing in my family for the glory of the Lord! Stacy came up with the following list and I've added my own personal musings to it. It was a very meaningful exercise for me and I challenge you to look closely at how you spend the hours in your day. Do you really have enough time for the things you spend you time doing? In light of eternity, can you afford it? Thought provoking ideas!

Lord, may I never have enough time to:

~Gaggle about town (via the car, telephone, or Internet), gossiping and slandering others.
~Complain about how little time I have.
~Worry about what people think of me as I obey God and mind my own business.
~Contemplate what "could have been" so that I grow discontent and covetous.
~Grow dissatisfied with my role as a wife and mother.
~Pursue selfish ambitions to the detriment of my family or the disregard of Scripture.
~Obsess over my weight, my looks, or growing old.
~Listen to the vain philosophies of the world regarding the training of my children.
~Watch a women's talk show or soap opera.
~Read blogs that reveal the supposed sins of other Christians.
~May I be so busy taking care of and enjoying that which God has given me, that it never occurs to me to covet that which belongs to my neighbor.
~Compare myself to others.
~See the faults in my husband and children or speak negatively about them to others.
~Spend so much time doing for others that I neglect my family.
~Read, watch and/or listen to things that are of no value.
~Waste time, money, or resources.
~Be bored.

Lord, may I always have time to:

~Read and contemplate the Word of God.
~Pray and seek God.
~Repent and ask forgiveness from those I've offended.
~Believe the best of others and their motives.
~Trust God's providence.
~Appreciate having a husband who loves me.
~Actively respect and please my husband.
~Love, train, and nurture my children, rather than giving them to others who may seemingly do a better job.
~Listen to my children and laugh at their jokes.
~Encourage other women to love their husbands and care for their families.
~Help those in need and be available when those needs arise.
~Be thankful for the blessings of God.
~Sit and read a book with my children.
~Rock babies.
~Stop what I'm doing that pleases me and spend time playing with my children.
~Clean, cook and serve my family with a well kept home and nutritious meals.
~Show hospitality.
~Check on my neighbors.
~Remember birthdays.
~Make my home a welcoming and warm place for my family and others.
~Teach my children the ways of the Lord daily.
~Bless my husband in everything I say and do.
~Watch for the needs of my family and be ready to meet them and lighten their loads.
~Care for those who are sick, comfort those who mourn and be a blessing to those who are lonely.

I know I will think of more to add to both lists, but this is what I have so far. It has been a blessing to me already!


Blogger Southern Belle said...

I really really like the McDonald's and am looking forward to seeing them at CHEF.


12:52 PM  

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