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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Now THIS is why we homeschool!

One of our favorite blogging friends, The Beehive, has posted on their blog the fabulous essay written by their eldest daughter - affectionately known to the blogging world as Fa-So-La-La - for her admissions application to college.

It is so incredibly brilliant that I'm am including an excerpt of it here and I highly encourage you to visit The Beehive and read it in its entirety! How many 17 year old girls do you know that could write such a piece... but, even more so, live such learning out in their daily lives? Fa, you are a rare jewel! Thank you for sharing your essay with those of us still on the path of homeschooling. Your love of learning and mastery of skills is what we all hope and pray to attain with our own children! Here is a sampling...

"My parents always said they would only homeschool me as long as it worked─as long as I was thriving, enthusiastic, and taking full advantage of the opportunities given me. They taught me that knowledge itself is a privilege and a blessing, which is an idea that sounds rather clichéd to a kid balking at a science test, but can have profound effects on a person if carried toward its conclusion.

Education, my mother said, is not just a discipline, but also an atmosphere and a life. Learning and life were so seamlessly melded in our house that sometimes as a child I hardly noticed I was learning anything at all. Butterflies and Eskimos, patriots and constellations, pioneers and nefarious kings and queens who were inexplicably fond of doing each other in─they all became part of our everyday landscape. It made for some good fun. There was the year my sister had a crush on George Washington, and the time we reenacted The Iliad starring our dollhouse people as the fierce Greeks and Daddy's houseshoe as the Trojan Horse. Once properly introduced to Jane Austen, we spent hours pretending we were Jane and Elizabeth Bennet. We hid in cellars during air raids and planted victory gardens; we escaped time after time from Norman invaders─we were Saxon princesses, naturally.

Encouraged to find the things that interested me and to pursue them, I discovered the joy of words, my first and enduring fascination. As a new reader, I delighted in my ability to comprehend everything from the proverbial back of the Cheerios box to the King James Bible. I fell in love with books─the comfortable camaraderie of page after page, the complete immersion in the lives and thoughts and worlds of each story, the homey smell of the bindings, the beauty of a page of print..."

Please do go and read the essay in full! It will be a blessing and an inspiration! Well done, Fa! Brilliant... simply brilliant!


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