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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two-Way Poetry

While cleaning out my files on the computer, I stumbled across some poems that I had saved. These poems were written by my mother and I a long while back. When I first acquired an e-mail address, I started a game with my dear mother, or maybe she started it, I don't remember. But anyway, one of us sent the first line of a poem and the next person had to email back the next line and so on. We wrote three poems this way and I saved them. So, for your entertainment here they are. You can try to guess who wrote which lines, but I don't remember so I can't give the correct answers.

by Lady Why and Flibbertigibbet

Spring, oh glorious spring, how you have sprung across the earth,
The flowers bloom, the birds sing, all evidence of bright new birth.
The winsome dove of bluish gray doth twitter all about,
No one wants to stay indoors, they all want to go out.

In merriment and splendor doth the bright sun gaily rest,
And all the baby bluebirds are hatching in their nest.
Upon the bosom of the warming earth the flowers grow with care,
And the breeze so gently flutters through my brownish colored hair.

The air is silent, all except the music of the wind,
the fragrance of the springtime air stirs souls of kith and kin.
The sunshine comes up earlier, just to witness the response,
and warms creations members with an air of nonchalance.

This ode to spring is finally drawing nearer to a close,
All good things have to end, and I know it, I suppose...
But spring never really ends in our hearts and in our minds,
for at each winter's end you look and you will find...
Our Dearest Spring.

by Lady Why and Flibbertigibbet

Little children, well hast thou said,
Are taught quite young to make their bed,

Upon their furrowed brow is seen
A ripple, like a gentle stream.

As they undertake the task,
You're sure to hear them start to ask...

Why the sky is always blue,
Or why don't people look like you.

Your work is always much more fun,
When you share a joke or pun.

Thus their little hearts are eased,
in making sure their mother's pleased.

by Lady Why and Flibbertigibbet

A winsome fit of superfluous flight,
Is going to happen here tonight.
As many a bat shall take up wing,
Against the wind, their wings will sing.

I'm way too tired to make up a line,
That's alright, it'll do just fine.
I think I'll go and take a nap...
I bet you'll fall asleep in a snap.

Another day maybe poetry will flow,
but today, seems dank and full of woe.
My brain seems destined to remain quite still
And from past experiences, I'd say it will,

At any moment rebound and go,
Off so quick, not ever slow.
I'm back and ready to compose,
Too late, this poem's coming to a close.


Blogger Darlene said...

I used to do stuff like tha with my daughter, only not on the internet. I have since picked it up with my granddaughter. It can be a lot of fun.

Thanks for sharing them. I especially like the one about children.

God Bless, Darlene

6:30 PM  

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