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Monday, April 09, 2007

This and that...

I hope you all had as wonderful a Resurrection Sunday as we did! Other than the fact it was brutally cold... well, brutally cold for the south (Did anyone see those poor frozen children on some sort of Easter egg hunt in Michigan in 3 feet of snow on the news? Yikes!)... the day couldn't have been more perfect!

First we had a wonderful meeting of our church assembly with a powerful, as always, message on the Lordship of Christ. We are so blessed and thankful for our church fellowship! For those of you that know our struggles to find a Bible believing and Bible professing church, you know how much this body of believers means to us!

My mother made Hannah Banana, Cindy Lou, and Miss Poppins' Resurrection Sunday clothes! They are all stunning... but those of you that know Nana are not surprised, are you? Here are a few of the quick pictures we snapped yesterday morning. It was chilly so I knitted some shawls for Hannah Banana and Cindy Lou. Our delightful Russian piano teacher, who can knit just as well as she plays piano, offered to do one for me. She took my extra yarn and needles and she had hers finished before I finished mine! I might want to mention that I was about 3/4 of the way through mine when she started the second shawl. She is something special!!
From there we were off to my mom's house for our traditional Resurrection Sunday feast! Mom always cooks a tremendous banquet for us each and every Sunday to bless her family. Have I ever mentioned what a Proverbs 31 woman my mother is? But, on Resurrection Sunday she outdoes herself! This special Sunday celebration was no different! The food was magnificent, as usual! We had a baked ham, hashbrown casserole (my personal favorite), mashed potatoes, green beans, black eyed peas, sliced tomatoes, and homemade rolls. Then she made what everyone in our church and our family has affectionately named "Nana's Dessert"! A perfect dessert for a perfect Sunday celebration! She used her good china and silver so it was an especially beautiful table. Mom always makes her home and table so warm and welcoming for her family!

I live for the day that I can gather my grown children and grandchildren around my table and celebrate the Lord's Day with a weekly Sunday lunch. I plan to do it just as my mother has always done it and I will cherish serving and spending time with my family in that same way! What a beautiful legacy for a grandmother to have with her family! Mom, you're the best example of what a grandmother should be and we all love you!!

Speaking of grandmothers, my dear mother-in-law, loved and known by all her grandchildren as Grandma Pat, had surgery today. Please keep her and my father-in-law in your prayers! We are so thankful to learn that all went well and she will be home and recovered and back to her usual self in no time! Grandma Pat is a gracious and loving grandmother who loves her grandchildren and goes out of her way to let them know how special they are to her! She's even been known to sit through a nearly three hour piano recital! Now that is love and commitment! We love you, Grandma Pat!! Get well soon!

As an amusing aside, Cindy Lou Who and I had a funny little encounter this morning. On Mondays we have piano lessons and all five of the children take lessons which makes for an all morning... and into the afternoon many times... event. This morning while Cindy Lou was having her lesson, I ran an errand. Each and every Monday Cindy Lou and I have a discussion about her lesson. Her mind tends to wander if the lesson gets difficult and I often hear her piano teacher say, "Cindy Lou, pay attention!" So, each Monday morning I remind Cindy Lou to pay attention. This morning, when I returned from my errand, I asked Cindy Lou how her lesson had been. She said fine. Then I asked the all important question, "Did your teacher have to ask you to pay attention?" She sheepishly nodded her head. I gave her a bit of a frown. Then Cindy Lou threw up her hands and said in that exasperated tone that only she can do, "Give me a break, Mom! I'm only FIVE!" Needless to say, I went from frowning to hysterical laughter! How can I scold that girl? She's too funny!!

That is about all the news from us Whiskers. Misty and Grey are still alive and don't seem to be any worse for wear after that horrible freeze of the past few nights. Hopefully they tolerate cold really well! You'll all be happy to know that Flibby's begonias were well protected by her constant attention to covering and uncovering them each and every night of frost. They are just as beautiful as ever! Noah is quite bouncy these days and people are having a glorious time feeling my ever growing tummy... especially Mr. P around 3am! That's Noah's most active time. Oh dear!

Have a wonderful Monday and we'll see you tomorrow!


Blogger Anne said...

Those little girls of yours are so pretty and the shawls were gorgeous! What a sweet post about your Easter:o)

6:00 PM  
Blogger Southern Belle said...

What a great day you guys had. I love the dresses your mom made, and no I am not surprised! I am also not surprised at your piano teacher's talent. We love her too! She is going to be a great mommy! We talked to her dh yesterday. He is feverishly trying to get my dh to come back,;o) Since my dh is on a huge project, had a promotion and now has 6 people he is responsible for I doubt it will happen (but I can hope, lol) Regardless, he has mentioned my dh's name since we left, so who knows.

Talk to you later
Southern Belle

7:23 AM  
Blogger Fiddle D. Dee said...

Would you check and see if Nana would consider adopting a family of six??? What would one more gorgeous dress the size of Cindy Lou Who's take to make????
My parents also have a tradition of doing family meals on Sunday! We miss being there each Sunday with my family!!
And yes we with our prayer partners are doing a Victory Dance with Jesus over Grandma Pat's great news!! He gets all the Glory for the results!

11:54 AM  

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