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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Lord's continual provision!

Once again the Lord has blessed us mightily providing us with even more than we could have asked!! To give you a little background, my third trimester nesting has kicked into full gear and a few weeks ago I told Mr. P that I would like to get rid of a big entertainment center in our living room and find a smaller one with doors we could close which would then free up a wall for another loveseat. I have been thinking about our need to expand our seating capacity with our ever growing family.

The very next weekend, Mr. P drove up to the house and in his truck procured from a local garage sale was a beautiful knotty pine armoire! It is even more beautiful than anything I had imagined! I absolutely love it!! As I thanked the Lord for this incredibly quick answer to prayer I began to pray and ask for Him to provide a matching loveseat. We have some beige leather furniture now and I wanted something nice that would match leather. I didn't necessarily need another leather piece because leather is sooooo expensive, but I thought a nice heavy tapestry fabric (we are tough on upholstery in this house!) in matching tones of burgundy and khaki would be just the thing to make the living room complete!

This week we received a call from some dear friends of our family. They are remodeling their den and wanted to offer us a full set of wine colored leather furniture complete with a variety of accessories! Amazing!!! The Lord has richly blessed us once again! Yesterday Mr. P and his friend went and picked up our new living room furniture. We now have a deep wine colored leather sofa, a matching oversized leather chair and ottoman, a stone and iron coffee table and end table, a beautiful Tiffany floor lamp, a new chest of drawers which we are using to replace a rather old and dilapidated chest belonging to Miss Poppins, another armoire and a corduroy camel colored loveseat!
We are thrilled and delighted with our new living room. It has increased our seating capacity by three which was sorely needed. Here is the furniture in its current configuration. I must add that this is one of many arrangements we've made with it as we decide where everything should go. I also didn't change any of the artwork yet so just ignore the sporadic and unordered placement of pictures. Once I get it all together, I'll post some pictures. Of course, with new furniture comes new paint for the walls and new curtains! Mr. P gave me 'that look' when I mentioned paint! I already have a four page list of home improvements that I want to make before the baby arrives and they are pretty labor intensive. What can I say... I'm nesting!


Anonymous Lines From The Vine said...

Ooooh! It's beautiful and you did
such a nice job setting everything up! Congratulations!


11:31 AM  
Blogger Southern Belle said...

Wow! That is totally awesome. Nice friends too, because that nice of furniture is usually sold, instead of given away. Mr. P did a good job on the armoire too. Good Job.

6:19 AM  

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