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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Things I love about expecting a baby...

~I love resting my hand on my tummy and feeling something moving from one side to the other... all the way across. Amazing!

~I love how great I feel!

~I love washing tiny baby clothes (and my hospital nightgowns) in Dreft (the best smell on earth!)

~I love packing my hospital bag and anticipating my hospital stay!

~I love anticipating labor and delivery... there are few 'perfect moments' in life and I've already been blessed with five of them, soon to be six! When the doctor pulls that baby up and puts him on my tummy... a perfect moment. I can't wait!

~I love all the 'milestones' of pregnancy... the positive test, the first time you hear the heartbeat, the first little flutter, the sonogram to find out first if everything is as it should be and then if we have a boy or a girl!, now the 4-D sonogram!!, when doctor's appointments start coming every two weeks, then when doctor's appointments start coming every week and the baby is right around the corner!

~I love wondering what color his hair will be, what he will be like and how it will feel to hold him in my arms.

~I love the way I look when I'm expecting! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman expecting a baby!

~I love it when the cashier at the grocery store asks me when my baby is due.

~I love it when the teenage boy sacking my groceries asks me more than once if he can help me to the car with my groceries... there are a few noble young men out there willing to come to the aid of an expectant mother.

~I love that I have a big - and getting bigger all the time - family that fills up an elevator and half of a doctor's waiting room.

~I love baby hiccups!

~I love when the baby wakes me up in the middle of the night and I have him all to myself. I can play 'Guess That Appendage' when he stretches and pokes a little foot, knee, or elbow out for me to grab.

~I love that my children look at my tummy instead of my face when they talk to me.

~I love that each and every one of my children have to kiss Noah goodnight as well as me.

~I love that every little girl that sees me wants to touch my tummy and feel the baby kick.

~And, I love when my husband puts his face down to my stomach and talks to his newest son.

Moments as precious as these are few and I cherish each and every one of them!


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