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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ballantyne Christian Adventure Book Giveaway!

Vision Forum has a wonderful new series of books entitled the Ballantyne Christian Adventure Library. There are ten titles for sale now at a great price for high quality hardback books! Here is a portion of the books' description from Vision Forum's website...

"Boys [should be] inured from childhood to trifling risks and slight dangers of every possible description, such as tumbling into ponds and off of trees, etc., in order to strengthen their nervous system.... They ought to practice leaping off heights into deep water. They ought never to hesitate to cross a stream over a narrow unsafe plank for fear of a ducking. They ought never to decline to climb up a tree, to pull fruit merely because there is a possibility of their falling off and breaking their necks. I firmly believe that boys were intended to encounter all kinds of risks, in order to prepare them to meet and grapple with risks and dangers incident to man’s career with cool, cautious self-possession...."
—R.M. Ballantyne, The Gorilla Hunters
Robert Michael Ballantyne“The Boys’ Storywriter”1825-1894

He was perhaps the most influential writer of boys’ literature of his generation. He was also a devout Christian of the Scottish Covenanter kind and the only outspoken advocate for Christian boyhood to have a monument paid for and dedicated in his honor by grateful children.

His name was R.M. Ballantyne, and he not only inspired a generation of writers to take up their pens in defense of the ideals of biblical manhood, but he changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of boys for the better with his globe-trekking adventure stories that emphasized Christian character in the face of adversity.

In the twentieth century, many publishers declined to carry Ballantyne because of his strong biblical emphasis. Others hoped to capitalize on the past popularity of his books, but required that Ballantyne’s overt Gospel Christianity be stricken from his storylines.

Now, Vision Forum is pleased to introduce R.M. Ballantyne to twenty-first century children. Our Ballantyne Christian Adventure Library comes complete with the faith-affirming Christianity of the original volumes, just as intended by the author. And we are pleased to announce that the first ten volumes are hot off the press!"

For the remainder of this new series description, go here.

I am always on the hunt for high quality Christian literature for boys. It is very hard to find! So, I'm very excited over this latest addition to the Vision Forum product line. The best part is that Kim over at Life In A Shoe is having a Ballantyne book giveaway!! Head over to her blog to enter!

Also, Crystal at Biblical Womanhood is hosting a similar contest! Be sure to visit her blog and enter to win these fabulous books!!


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