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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Lady Why!!


Today is a very special day in the Whiskery Kittens's our dear mother's birthday! Our mother is a very special lady. Today each of her children compiled a list called, "The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mother!!" Here they are:

1. Because she loves the Lord.
2. Because she is a wonderful example of the Proverbs 31 woman.
3. Because she strives to teach us all that is good, holy, and useful for the future.
4. Because she embraces her biblical calling as wife and mother.
5. Because she loves children and believes them all to be blessings.
6. Because she is very articulate and witty!
7. Because she is spontaneous!
8. Because she is selfless.
9. Because she is has a beautiful smile and a beautiful laugh!
10. Because she loves all her children very much!

Miss Poppins:
1. Because she loves God.
2. Because she is goofy sometimes.
3. Because she is having another baby for me to love.
4. Because she loves everything I love.
5. Because she is so much like me.
6. Because she teaches me, not just school, but others things too.
7. Because she is so content.
8. Because she takes me to DisneyWorld.
9. Because she loves vacations.
10. Because she loves me.

Karate Kid:
1. Because she loves me!
2. Because she feeds me!
3. Because she takes me to fun places!
4. Because she takes care of me!
5. Because she gives me things!
6. Because she is very fun!
7. Because she gives me presents!
8. Because she loves the Lord!
9. Because she loves kids!
10. Because she's my mother!

Hannah Banana:
1. Because she helps me learn.
2. Because she feeds me.
3. Because she bathes me.
4. Because she helps me when I get sick.
5. Because she takes me to the pool.
6. Because she birthed me.
7. Because she takes me to church.
8. Because she takes me out to eat.
9. Because she takes me to the movies.
10. Because she takes me to the park.

Cindy Lou Who:
1. Because she brings me to "Build-A-Bear".
2. Because she brings me out to eat.
3. Because she gives me presents.
4. Because she gives me cakes on my birthday.
5. Because she does things I like.
6. Because she brings me to the pool.
7. Because she brings me to the park.
8. Because she lets me bring caterpillars into the house.
9. Because she gives me dolls.
10. Because I love her.

Here are some things you might not know about my mother:
~ She was born on 6/7/66 at 1:00am, just one hour shy of having a 6/6/66 birthday!
~ She loves labor and delivery!
~ She can't sew a straight line on a sewing machine.
~ She can roll her r's better than a native Russian!
~ She has a contralto voice.
~ She is a very good artist and used to teach art.
~ She is very good at cake decorating.
~ She is very outspoken (okay, you all should know that by now!)
~ She loves the smell of Wisteria.
~ She is hot natured.
~ She always props her left foot on the car door when she's driving.
~ She loves chocolate!
~ She loves llamas and wants to have some llamas on a farm one day.
~ She hates Wal-Mart and loves Publix
~ She used to be very fashion conscious and when she was a child, she begged her mother to buy her knee high lace up boots!
~ Her house burned to the ground when she was 14.
~ She loathed school as a child and would fake an illness to stay home with her mother.
~ She has perfect teeth, has never had to have braces and has never had a cavity.
~ She has perfect vision and has never had to have glasses or any other kind of eye correction.
~ Her childhood pictures are the spitting image of Miss Poppins' childhood pictures!
~ She loves chemistry, and wanted to be a chemist when she grew up!
~ She loves the beach and Florida weather.
~ She's lived in New Jersey and Florida.
~ She hates roller coasters and anything else that is fast, spins, or "drops".
~ She loves "slow and educational" rides!

Here she is at 2 weeks old!

Playing with her favorite teddy bear (She still has it!)

Learning to crawl...

Age 2 (She looks like Cindy Lou Who here)

Age 4 (The spitting image of Miss Poppins!)

Little Miss Personality! (Notice the boots, I mentioned those earlier...)

Holding her new baby brother

She's always loved dogs!

Here's one of her family photos

School Portrait from the fourth grade

Lovely outfit there mom...

Miss Poppins insisted I put this picture on here. This is Mom and Dad making googly eyes at each other during their rehearsal dinner.

Here she is pregnant with her first child (me!). Notice the ghastly shoes.
I think my mother looks so beautiful in this picture. It was taken in 1992 I believe.

"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also,
and he praiseth her..." Proverbs 31:28 KJV


Blogger Southern Belle said...

Let me, my friend, be the first one to wish you a VERY Happy and Blessed Birthday, Lady Why! Enjoy your day!

Southern Belle

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Christy B

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You!!! We loved all the pictures. Hope you are having the most wonderful day!

Shayla and the girls

1:43 PM  
Anonymous One Of The Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Lady Why! Have a wonderful day!


5:19 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Happy belated birthday. What a wonderful tribute.

5:43 AM  

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