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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lessons from the sibling tour... UPDATED!

Last night Mr. P and I took Hannah Banana and Cindy Lou to the hospital where baby Noah will be born for a fun little tradition known as the 'Sibling Tour'. It really is lots of fun! The nurse demonstrated all about how babies work with the soon-to-be siblings, allowing them to hold, dress, change and rock a nice plastic baby (whose cranium was never damaged no matter how many times the two year old behind us slammed it into the back of my chair!) Then we had the pleasure of walking around the hospital and seeing the labor and delivery rooms, the hospital rooms where we stay once the baby arrives and the newborn nursery... my personal favorite! That's not all!!! We also were served delectable sugar cookies with grape juice and we received goodie bags filled with diapers, wipes, coloring books, and a doctor's hat with a mask just like the real doctors wear! I guess you can imagine what a thrill that was!

It was a lovely time! But, as we are "older" parents... we were the only ones with a touch of gray hair and a few barely noticeable laugh lines... we made some interesting observations.

~First of all, twenty something parents look like babies themselves! Wow!! When did adults get so young?

~Secondly, twenty something parents cannot even fathom in their wildest dreams having six children! The look of horror on their faces said it all.

~Third, by the kicking, slapping, biting and all around bad behavior of the toddler-and-up siblings in the room, these parents have a lot to learn. There are some lessons people have to learn the hard way. Mr. P and I just smiled that knowing smile at each other and watched them wrestle their little munchkins to the floor and back. Munchkins 27... Parents 0 was the final score.

~Fourth, the sibling tour never loses its appeal no matter how many times we go or how many children we have. It's a tradition and we love it! I hope we can do it again... several more times, in fact! ~wink~

Updated to add...

~Fifth, you can squeeze 40 people - 8 whom are pregnant so that would technically be 48 people - onto an elevator with a maximum capacity of 30 passengers. (This addition is compliments of Mr. P's own observations!)

As we were leaving, Mr. P pulled his stomach muscles in a bit and said, "I'm getting a t-shirt to wear up here that says 'I'm NOT the Paw Paw'". I laughed. I laughed really hard... because I know that no one will mistake me for the 'Ma Maw' since I'll be the one in a hospital bed!! Woo Hoo!

Having babies after 40 certainly does have its light moments... in fact, I'd say these moments are pure joy!


Anonymous Lines From The Vine said...

I love this! I tease Paul that my worst fear is it being assumed I'm his mother! The men in his family age to a certain point and then just seem to stop! Life is not fair! : )


11:06 AM  

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