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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mr. Potato Head 1, Poison Ivy 0

I believe everything in the Bible is true. So when God's Word describes Eden as a paradise, it can be known with a great amount of certainty that poison ivy was NOT in the garden. This official flower of Hades and I have had a history. I hate it and it hates me.
Which brings me to.......Honey Do # 122- Remove the poison ivy infestation from the front yard.

This seems like a simple task. But that's what the ivy WANTS me to think. I have removed poison ivy before, but I always come away with the itchy, scratchy wounds of battle. It may die, but I usually pay the price. But THIS TIME, it will not win. It will not leave it's mark on me!

Regardless of the fact that it was 100 degrees outside today, I adorned a full hazmat body suit, gloves, boots, breathing mask, helmet, ear protection and a face shield. The only part of me exposed was the whites of my eyes. Then I grabbed my Excalibur (weed eater) and slew the beast.

I lost about 4 pounds sweating, but I PREVAILED!

No one was home to share in my victory, so I have chosen to immortalize the occasion with a self portrait I call "Warrior Back From Battle".
Now on to the showers... and Honey Do # 123!


Blogger Stonewall said...

You look like something out of a WWIII movie, the aftermath of nuclear war! Funny.
I'm glad you conquered the evil infestation of the cursed plant in full battle gear, such bravery and courage, determination and purpose. You know, I'm going to conquer some acreage tomorrow. I've been inspired! Watch out stumps, briars and poison oak, ivy, anything in my way. I'm coming and Husqvarna's coming with me! I'm preparing for WAR!

9:16 AM  

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