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Friday, June 22, 2007

Nessun Dorma at its finest!

OK, I must begin this post with a plethora of disclaimers. First of all, I do not watch television in any measurable form these days. Secondly, if I did watch television, I would not watch Britain's Got Talent even if it did air in the United States, which it does not. And, most importantly, in no way and I even slightly recommending anyone watch the garbage that does air in the United States called America's Got Talent! Please, take my word for it!

Now, on with the point of this post! Mr. P, working in network news, picked up on a story coming out of England about this incredible gentleman - a cell phone salesman by trade - who entered a talent show called Britain's Got Talent to sing opera. Mr. P came home and found the clip of this fellow's audition online. What can I say? It speaks for itself! I leave you to experience it...
I happen to adore opera and this performance by Paul Potts took my breath away and left me speechless! His other performances, which we followed online, were equally as wonderful and gave me "goose pimples" - as the English would say - each and every time! Needless to say, Paul Potts won the competition and will begin recording his first album this weekend. I am waiting with breathless anticipation for that CD to make it to stores in the United States. I can tell Paul Potts is going to rank right up there with some of my favorite opera singers!

As a side note, we searched and found the other competitors in the finals of the British competition. Connie Talbot is the sweetest little six year old with the purest and most beautiful voice I've ever heard from such a little girl. Watch this and see if you're not a puddle of tears at the end! I know I may be a bit partial as little Connie bears a very striking resemblance to a certain nearly six year old girl that I know and love. Cindy Lou Who wouldn't dare step on a stage and perform like Miss Connie... her knees quake at the thought. But, that award winning toothless grin, those perfect little blondish bangs, and that charming joyful personality are the spitting image of our own Cindy Lou. Grab your Kleenex! You're going to need them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rendered speechless! Wow!
Thanks for sharing.

3:37 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

my eldest child is living in london right now so anything british really intrigues me, but with that aside, watching these two people sing was really thrilling. thanks for posting this.

10:37 AM  

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