These are the ramblings of an eclectic and whimsical homeschooling family of eight... a little peek, if you will, inside the daily dawdlings and habits of my active and delightful family seeking to please the Lord in all we do! Hopefully our thoughts, observations, and activities will challenge you, inspire you, tickle you, cheer you, and let you know you are not the only one!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our own personal Bible School

I took this week off from school to do my end of the year paperwork as well as tweak my lesson plans for the upcoming year. The children, being so imaginative and innovative, decided they would have their own personal Bible School this week!

Miss Poppins took the lead and wrote her own curriculum, designed crafts, organized drama presentations, designed and prepared some impressive snacks that fit the theme of the week, chose Bible verses to study and memorize and designed a plethora of games for the other children. It really has been amazing! I think Miss Poppins is a natural at teaching and will be a spectacular homeschooling mother one day!! All the children have had the best time and Mr. P and I have had the joy of watching their dances, plays and viewing their art shows at the end of every Bible School day.

Here are a few pictures of the week so far...

Miss Poppins chose a Hawaiian theme for the week!
Flibby dressed as the widow with her son who helped Elijah with the last of her flour and oil as the children listen to her read the account from the Bible. The Hawaiian lei doesn't exactly fit the Biblical time period but it went with the Hawaiian theme!
Here are the name tag leis that the children made on Monday. They've been very faithful to wear them each day to Bible School. I guess you never know when your teacher may forget your name! Ha! Ha!It has been a fun week to watch all the activities and fun the children have had but what has most impressed me was their desire and passion for studying God's Word and learning the Scripture. When I asked Cindy Lou what her favorite part of Bible School was one day, she told me that it was the time they read the Scripture together. What a blessing to a mother's heart that was for me! (...especially when you consider the snack that day was tropical jello made with flower molds! ~wink~)
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." III John 4


Blogger Southern Belle said...

Lady Why,
What a blessing they are! I know you are so proud, but most of all, the Lord is VERY proud and pleased!

Southern Belle

6:50 AM  
Blogger Southern Belle said...

I like your new design and colors!

Southern Belle

9:36 AM  

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