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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Last night I dreamt...7/14/07

*I actually dreamt this several nights ago, but I didn't get to posting it until now*
Last night I dreamt that my friend Frontiersman and I were members of a secret spy society. We both were dressed in strange, black spy outfits with big black sunglasses and we were walking around bent really low so that we wouldn't be noticed. We were working under cover at a daycare for handicap children. We both had our own cars that the head spy gave to us and we knew how to drive them. At the beginning a few people who worked at the daycare were supposed to get into there cars and go pick up some handicap kids. They chose me to go, so I went out to all the places they told me and picked up the kids while Frontiersman stayed to spy. When I got back I drove my car over to the side door so the kids could get out. They were taking FOREVER to get the kids out of my car when the secret spy society called me on my hi-tech cell phone. They said that Frontiersman and I were supposed to get in our cars and come there right away, so he went as fast as he could. I told them that the daycare people were using my car, so they told me to find another car in the parking lot and use it. Well the only one that my secret spy key would open was a mini van with a car seat in the back. I didn't want to steal a car, especially from a nice young mother. Right at that moment the lady who owned the car walked up and she said that she would give me a ride to the nearest bus station. So that is how I got to the secret spy society. A few days later one of the kids who was at the daycare wrote me a thank you note for picking her up that day. While I was reading the thank you note, Flibby woke me up.
~Miss Poppins
Now it's your turn! Please share what you dreamt last night in the comment section.


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