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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Preparations! Preparations!

Our preparations for baby Noah are nearly complete! There have been many home renovation projects that I wanted to complete before he arrived... and many more that I still want to do but they won't be done before the 'Big Day'. One of the things that I hoped to find was a wonderful old world map to hang in our newly refurbished boys' room. I wanted it to be big... I wanted it to be antiqued... and I wanted it to look regal. In a nutshell, I wanted it to be befitting the room of two noble sons!

I have been looking for this perfect painting at yard sales all summer. When you have something very specific to find, it is often hard to locate at a yard sale. But, the Lord always provides for us and so we continued to look and wait for the Lord's provision.

Here it is!!
It didn't come from a yard sale at all. In fact, while in our local craft store, Nana found this poster on a clearance rack for $3.99. It was perfect! But, it was also HUGE (40" x 27 1/2") and to have it framed would have been in the hundreds of dollars. I knew that Mr. P would come to the rescue with is creativity and his uncanny knack of making something out of nothing. He did not disappoint! With scraps from his workshop, Mr. P designed, built, painted and antiqued this beautiful frame!! It is a work of art!! He didn't have a piece of glass that big so he used plexiglass. It is regal! It is elegant! It fits right in the room in just the way I had imagined it would!

Magnificent!! Mr. P is a genius!! But, you knew that about him already, didn't you?


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