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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baby Firsts!

I've been lax in updating on several momentous occasions in our home lately. First, our sweet baby boy began smiling real smiles - not those beautiful little sleep induced smiles that all babies do right from the start. No, these are real smiles! Noah has dimples!! Forgive the less-than-perfect pictures of his smiles. Being some of his first, (he actually smiled his first real smile at 3 weeks of age... yes, he must certainly be a child prodigy!) they are few and far between so catching them at just the right unpredictable moment with the camera is a challenge. These pictures show the beginning of a smile, which then radiated into a huge ear to ear grin complete with dimples. But, alas the camera was setting up for the next snap... which captured the tail end of that great smile. So, it was really bigger and better than the pictures portray. Just use your imagination! As they get more frequent and more predictable, we'll post some terrific pictures of our smiley boy!Also, right after Noah's umbilical cord fell off, he had the "pleasure" of his first bath in his new duckie tub. You would think that would be a joyful thing for a boy, wouldn't you? Not so! He wasn't completely upset with me the whole time... but, even when he wasn't turning purple from screaming, he certainly did not find it a fun activity!First bath and first smiles... ahhh, the joys of newborn babies are endless!


Anonymous LinesFromTheVine said...

He is so sweet! I'm glad to know that our little guy isn't the only one screaming over bathtime!


12:09 PM  
Blogger Southern Belle said...

Look at how cute he is, of course! Smiling and all.

Your Whiskersbaby site is getting a little lonely and neglected. I went there and it hasn't been updated. I will look at both to see which one gets updated first :o)

Southern Belle

6:52 PM  
Blogger Lady Why said...

Yes, I've just decided to torture the regular blog readers with all my baby fun. When I start getting rotten tomatoes thrown at me by all those who are tired of only 'baby news', I'll probably separate them and go back to keeping my baby news on the baby blog!

7:00 PM  

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