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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hebrews 12:1

As I continue to pirate wonderful words of wisdom from other bloggers, Crystal at Biblical Womanhood pointed me toward this fabulous post! Homemakerang has some profound words to share with 'busy' moms. It's all about a subject near and dear to my heart... the better thing!

I'll share an excerpt...

"Even things that seem "good" like church activities are still distractions to us. I am saying that your family (hubby and sweet babies) is your first mission for Jesus, not your Bible Study, not your sewing class, not blogging (speaking to me here!) not the Internet, not your choir, not your church meetings, not your group you lead and find so much fulfillment in.... Family first! Your mission field is your family first, then others. If one of these things is becoming bigger than your family mission you should really consider opting out of it after asking God what He would have you do."

This article is worth reading in its entirety! You can find it at Homemakerang.

I used to be one of those mothers that attended a local megachurch and found myself through those doors every time they were open. I was on multiple committees, was director of this and that, taught Sunday School, attended every class and even volunteered up there on my "free" days helping the office staff with copying, filing and such. What was I thinking? My family suffered for it. How did they suffer from a mom that was so committed to her church? We ate lots of fast food, my house was in a perpetual state of disorder, I was too exhausted to play, too exhausted to do a very good job homeschooling, and I had nothing left to offer them of myself.

I remember when the Lord convicted me, revealing to me that my church work was not for Him, it was for me. I loved the friends and social time that I had when I was at church. I loved the challenge of teaching. I loved helping and the recognition that comes from being in charge and doing a good job at something that is helpful to so many people. I loved it all. It wasn't as "exciting" to stay home with preschoolers all day and homeschool. It wasn't as "exciting" to cook and clean and serve my husband well. Those things were OK, but didn't carry the same "WOW factor".

Once I left all those responsibilities behind and turned my eyes to the mission field where the Lord has truly called me, I realized that all my "church work" was nothing more than wood, hay and stubble. My true mission field is my family! Nothing in service to anything else - other than what the Lord has given me - brings me any deeper fulfillment, any truer joy, or any more meaningful accolades. I want to hear the Lord's praise for my service, not man's praise. It was very freeing and my family has been the welcome recipients of a wife and mother that is focused on them... my life's work which the Lord has given to me. My relationships with my husband and children are deeply close, incredibly strong, and bring me so much joy! I want the same to be true of my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren should the Lord be pleased to grant me that long of a life on earth! I will take no other responsibility, engage in no recreation, and focus on nothing outside the Lord Himself until I have formed and nurtured those relationships with my husband, children, grandchildren and so on. What work is more important than that? None!

I so enjoyed this post and I am hear to vouch for its truth because I have been there and back again. I'm so thankful to the Lord that He showed me what was most important early on. I would not want to trade this inheritance for any of the world's mess of pottage!


Anonymous Robin said...

Thank you for the reminder! I needed it!

7:53 AM  
Blogger Kim C. said...

I looked for an email address but didn't see it. Would you mind contacting me?
Kim C (Life in a Shoe)
call her blest at gmail dot com.

3:37 PM  

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