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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thrill seeker!

In our family, there are two types of people. We've discovered this through our various family vacations at various places that contain roller coasters. I do not 'do' roller coasters. I do not 'do' any ride that in any way simulates falling even if it's just going down a small hill at a somewhat higher than average rate of speed. These types of experiences give me what I call a "stomach drop". I do not 'do' stomach drops!

Well, up until now, my dear eldest son has been in my camp. We call my camp the 'slow and educational' riders. We got this name from the same son! One year, when he was about four years old, we were vacationing at Disneyworld. He, not being one that enjoys drops or spins or speed of any kind in a ride, said to me after exiting a particularly lovely slow ride which taught us all about communication from Roman times until present day, "Mom, I just love a ride that is slow and educational!" After we picked ourselves up off the ground from laughter, we have forevermore been known as the 'slow and educational' group. Mr. P and all the other children old enough to make such a decision, however, are what we call in our family 'thrill seekers'. The bigger the roller coaster, the longer the drop, the faster the spin, the more they like it. That gene must have come from Mr. P!

Mr. P has been working his magic on my dear oldest son! Watch this video of the fun they are having! I can't believe my eyes!! Any child of mine that can do that can no longer be considered 'slow and educational'! That is a pure bred 'thrill seeker' if ever there was one!

I guess it's just Nana and me on 'It's a Small World' from now on. Maybe Noah will be a 'slow and educational' child. One can hope!


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